Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in VA

This year was different than any other.We travelled and we never do that. Aunt Cindy concocted a plan to go see some of our favorite people, the Chambers family. They moved to Virginia in April and we have missed them very much.
I asked, but really told all the different people in our family that we were going. It is about time I do something I want to instead of acting on what I think I should right?
It was a long trip, no doubt about that as a strong storm came in and it poured all the way. WE left Tuesday after work and didn't arrive until just before 5am.
After a quick nap for the adults we were off and running. The kids didn't miss a beat. The ladies loaded up and shopped for Thanksgiving and we had it all. Andrea made sure we had the most delicious baked goods  and of course Uncle Skip's linguica stuffing. The first one isn't great but the kids were toasting to Thanksgiving.

The rest of the day and evenings were filled with snuggles, games, playing and relaxing.

Friday we went to a local Battlefield and saw were many soldiers lost their lives in the Civil War. We also went into Fredericksburg and walked the streets and hit some antique stores.

The trip home included a stop to see Aunt Joan in Delaware. My Uncle's family has always felt like my family and it was great to see her smiling face and all the pictures of her grandkids who are all grown up now.
Do it again-Absolutely.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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Barry said...

Yes! Glad you had a good trip!!! Just remember, the right side one that war! ;)

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