Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tooth Fairy/Shark

Oh, I love that my kids are growing up. I love they are not babies. Blah, blah, blah!
Now I have grown up problems to go with my grown up girls.
Ava snuck through without needing a spacer.....for now. She is a little behind in losing her teeth but she looks good with the few big girl teeth she has so far. Phew!
Now Olivia, Let's do a panoramic x-ray. I say no and laugh. The hygienist looks nervous and I say but now we will know all the problems. I am kidding, sure let's do it.
Now, I am thinking Damn I jinxed myself.
Well at least I know what is coming and we will do what we can. In a few weeks we will start with 2 extractions. This is so her grown up teeth have a place to go. Right now they are turning sidewards. She believes if we pull out the baby teeth they will hopefully fall right into place and straighten out.
The bottom 2 teeth are a bigger issue. Instead of facing up they are facing out front, completely on their side. I ask how we can fix that and she says.......I don't know, I have never seen that before. !!!!WHAT!!!!
I will consult with an orthodontist and let you know. Terrific.
I shuffled her out to the stickers as I could see her eyes growing bigger. On the way home I emphasized how awesome it will be to only be able to eat ice cream and pudding for a couple of days.
I wish I needed something pulled out but instead I need my jaw wired shut.

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