Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cosmic Intervention

I truly believe this so if you don't this whole post will probably sound like malarkey.
I have no patience. NONE.
If I decide this is what needs to be done then I figure then lets get it done. Let's fix it now. Don't pussy foot around, make a list of things we need to do and do it.
I will admit I usually wait until the last minute so the pressure is on. This helps with projects that I don't want to do because then there is no other alternative.
I have said too often~We have to do this, so just do it.
I am currently in multiple situations in which I can't push through. I am waiting.
I don't wait well.
So back to my main point.
Someone, something, maybe it's my Nana or just my evil spirit guide is forcing me to. Probably because for years I have not listened so now let's just put her in a situation where she has to learn patience.
I guess I am essentially a 5 year old child. I want it now. I am stomping my feet as I type this just so you know.
I am itching. I am bored. I need a distraction to take my mind off the fact that these things are not progressing.
On a good note, I know this is the right thing and I know the outcome will be worth it but that doesn't help the current emotions. Now I am headed to work for 8 boring hours in which I get to sit around and ponder these thoughts. See? I need a natural disaster to happen so my mind will be deep at work.

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