Saturday, March 24, 2012

It is like a child's game

I really have avoided posting about this as it is soooo public but I am at a point now where I really don't care. So here goes....
This dating thing is ridiculous.
Well first off I am working on my weird nervousness about meeting new people. I have sort of jumped on the Internet dating thing and I am finding it is off the hook.
No one really plays by the same rules. We sometimes have hidden....I wouldn't call it agendas but sort of.
I am just down right honest and I guess that is not always the best. It is giving the true game players the tools they need to work me.
So how exactly do you seem open and wanting to meet new people but protect yourself enough not to get the losers?
Now that is 1 lesson of the game.
Now you find someone who seems like a decent match-you message and either they never respond or do respond a few times and then disappear. So it can't be my breath so um ....Thanks K Bye. Next.
I will admit I am a little guilty of this. I am sitting on a message from a guy who I went out with and just didn't feel it. So what do you say? Do you just say that? I feel rude by not responding but need to work on an answer. Does he deserve a 2nd date just to see or is that a mixed message? He didn't do anything wrong but didn't really do anything for me at all.
Is it wrong to want to feel something? I want to exchange a smile and have it feel warm.
Juvenile I guess but I can't get over that.
Another thing I have noticed recently is that I am beginning to hear the opposite of what you say. If all you say is "I am honest and want honest" and you say it like 10,000 times then you may be trying to convince yourself because you are really a liar.
And don't even get me started on "no drama" people. Those are the biggest drama llama's out there. I have recently met a man that makes 16 year old girls look low key. It is sort of funny.

On a lighter note I do have a date tomorrow. It is an actual date. Sunday Brunch is not something I would typically do. I think I have only ever done it for Mother's day.
I am just not sure about it. I know nothing about this guy besides that he has been polite and even a little too nervous about making this work for me. I already am thinking I need a little more assertiveness because I am a pushy bitch and I am hoping he can hang. I am trying not to think too much about it so I don't freak the freak out.
This is all just so stressful when the end result I am looking for is a dude who I can crash on my couch with and relax. I think my best plan is to walk away from the whole thing. I might find what I am looking for by not looking. 

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