Friday, December 2, 2011

Stellar Morning

You know it is going to be a great day when you and the kids are crying before 8am. Yeah, it's like that around here.
Some days it is just so tiring to beg, cajole and repeat 100 times about the brush hair, brush teeth, eat breakfast routine. Today was no different. We made it out the door with a few tears as there was no time to pack stuff for the movie tonight after school.
It was cold today-Hey guess what? That happens in the Winter and my fashionista daughter is still planning on wearing short sleeve because the shirt is cute. So on the way to school we are whining about how cold it is and for the 3rd time I try the rear heat control and it is pumping icy cold air out on them no matter what I try. I am reminded by my 5 yr old that I should have bought a new car.
I try to explain to her that Mom is doing the best that she can and I just start to lose it. Am I doing the best that I can for them? This car is turning into the biggest piece of shit and I haven't even made I payment. No let me correct myself, I gave him every cent I had saved for the down payment. It seems like what is supposed to improve my life is just making me feel like a giant pile of shit right now.
In the end, I hug them tight, kiss them and peal off Ava's eye patch which is wet with tears and I send them off to school.
I can't feel much worse so I medicate with Lindt chocolates.

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09/07/07 Main Street Mile 11:44
05/18/08 YPD 5k 52:57 17:05
06/14/08 Walpole Village 5K 35:27 11:26
06/21/08 Mashpee Fun Run 34:21 11:05
07/19/08 Mashpee Woodlands 36.49 11:52
08/10/08 Falmouth Road Race 1:29:31
08/25/08 Women Running Wild 35:40 11:30
10/25/08 Mashpee Firefighters 37:47 12:10
05/02/09 Cape Abilities 5K 34:59 11:17
05/17/09 YPD 5K 36:41 11:50
08/09/09 Falmouth Road Race 7mi 1:37
10/31/09 Mashpee Firefighters 5K 37:15 12:00
09/11/11 Main Street Mile 12:31
10/29/11 Screech to the Beach 5K 39.13 12:20
08/12/12 Falmouth Road Race 1:34:24 13:29
05/18/14 YPD 5k 44.25 14:17
06/1/14 June Jog 4mi 1:04 16:00
08/17/14 Falmouth Road Race 1:42:04 14:35
09/27/14 Girly Girl 5K 37:24 12:02
10/26/14 Pell Bridge Run 4mi 48:41 12:10
11/27/14 Turkey Trot in VA 5K 35:22 11:23
12/06/14 Jingle Jog 5K 34:42 11:11
03/29/15 Thomas Guinta Memorial 5K 34:14 11:03
04/19/15 St. Margaret's 5K 31:11 10:21
05/17/15 YPD Blues 5K 34:58 11:17
06/07/15 Newport 10 Miler 1:56:09 11:36
06/20/15 Mackenzie's 5K 33:55 10:54
08/17/14 Falmouth Road Race 1:33:51 13:24
10/31/15 Screech at the Beach 36:19 11:40
5/20/18 YPD Run to Remember 37.37 12:08