Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boo-Boo Bubba

Doesn't look like much in this photo but if she is going to do something Ava has always been the one to jump in with both feet and do it to the max.
During a tub or tickle-fest I noticed a hard little bump under her arm pit. Nothing really on the surface so we put some hot facecloths on it and soaked her in the tub. After 2 days with no change we headed off to the Doctor just to be safe. He says just to be safe we will put her on antibiotics and if it doesn't go away she can have it removed by a surgeon. He says it looks like a sebaceous cyst.
Of course during the 10 days on antibiotic is explodes into a large red circle with this raised lump in the center which is painful to touch and hot.
Fantastic! When I call the Doctor they immediately send me to the surgeon who says let the antibiotics run their course and come back in a week.
When we come back the large circle is gone but the bump stays and is still painful and chafed now from normal wear and tear of a 5 year old. He wants it opened.
Right! I say I can not hold her down while you do this so guess what becomes our next step?
6:30am appointment with the OR.
Yes, she is put under, numbed, lanced and packed with a wick. If you have never seen a wick like I have Google it. You are sure to barf.
She now has a hole under her pit which we battle to cover with a band aid on a daily basis.
Tomorrow is back for a follow up. He says when it finally heals up if the cyst is still under this whole mess we may want to remove it so this doesn't happen again.
Seriously? I need more, for me not her.

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MyVoice2U said...

I love your sense of humor mum it's quite refreshing and my response would most likely be the same. My question to the doc would be "if there's a cyst in there why in the hell did you not remove it whilst you had the opportunity?"
Good heavens, medicine is a practice but that's what school is for. This was an elementary procedure most 1st year students would be able to handle. My best to you and the little one. Let me know if you get anything good for you. Kidding of course. Cheers!

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