Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Olivia's 1st Communion

 It was a beautiful day and went off without a hitch. She did awesome without a hint of being nervous. She also looked absolutely beautiful.

 She is my daughter! See the smirk? She sits down and says " It tasted good Mom, kind of like plastic." Then she asks for my phone to take a picture of herself. I go back to listening to the Priest. when I look over at ther again I see she is TEXTING! I am whispering-GIVE ME THAT PHONE! After Auntie Erin says I was wondering why you were texting me while in Church. OMG!
 They all looked like princess brides and the Priest even made mention of them all looking like Princess Katherine. I am sure Olivia was about to burst upon hearing she looked like a princess.

 We did what we could to keep this child entertained during a very long service. She is not exactly Church ready yet-actually neither am I for that matter.

 We gathered at our house after and had a fun time with friends and family. Olivia got her 1st Bible from Nana. It is decorated with beads and flowers and is perfect for her personality.
At the end of the day my heart and cheeks ached from all the smiles and how proud of Olivia as she continues to grow into a beautiful young lady.

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Mom said...

I was just reading an article that talked about whenever you get discouraged with life in general, remember that everyone in that church (or dance recital etc.) is feeling as much love and pride as we all felt for Olivia and rejoice that there is that much love in the world. I don't know if I've expressed the thought well but for me that's what God means- all that love!!!!!! Love, Mom (Nana)

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