Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am disgusted!

I want to first start by saying I had an incredible time on Mother's Day and if nothing else the following bitch session just afforded me the chance to work on myself.
I will start by saying-I take everything in and analyze it and try to fix my ways. I will admit I sometimes take this way over the edge.
I am always worried about the kind of Mom I am.
I want my kids to be independent and take care of themselves but I want them to know I love them and am always there for them.
I want them to live healthy lives but have fun and eat a few cupcakes.
I love them to death but there must be rules because I don't want them to roll over me to get what they want.
All this being said, I am disgusted by what I saw this weekend.
I am going to piss off a few people with this post but I need to get this out there.
Have you ever seen the movie Wall-E?  I saw our future in that movie, as well as at the park this weekend, if we don't start taking control of our actions as parents. I was shocked at the amount of overweight people there. I am not talking chubby. I have no problem with chubby, I am talking about super obese, I need a rascal scooter to get around size person. They had no problem with there size and talking about it. Am I the only person who was humiliated with her weight? I would never stand in a line and discuss with my spouse the ways I was going to jam my belly onto a ride and get the safety belt to fit. After being asked to get off a ride because I couldn't fit I never went back to this type of place again.
I never want to hear " Pick up your belly and just push the bar down. That's what I am going to do." Shortly after I am moved to the same cart as him because a family of 4 needed our cart. I am crossing my fingers that he is in fact wearing his seat belt so my daughter and I don't get killed when this ride starts rolling at 70mph and we flip upside down.
Also my daughter makes friends with a 9 year old girl in line for a ride. Soon I am asked to ride alone so that they can ride together. OK, a friend is made. Soon I am noticing she is in line all by her self. Hmm, I am looking around for a Mom stalking the line-Nothing. I decide to belt them onto the ride and wait at the exit for them. Once they get off I finally am able to identify Mom and she is parked on a bench reading her Kindle. Are you fucking kidding me? Your 9 year old daughter is in an amusement park hooking up with another family and you aren't watching like a hawk? Even if I didn't ride the ride I walked them to the cart and latched them in and stood right there. She lost sight of her kid a million times. In fact Olivia and Emily took off to the log ride and when I caught up I was livid. I explained to Olivia that if she took off again she might as well walk to the car as we would be leaving immediately. By the time her Mom made her way to the ride she asks me, Are they in line?
Really? No, a man in a trench coat took her into the woods 10 minutes ago.
After this short heart attack I am bargaining with the girls about the last choices in rides before we go. Ava and Nana head to the Tilt-a-Whirl while Olivia and I  head back to the soaking water ride. Emily asks her Mom to ride with her and Mom says " You know I can't fit." and goes back to sitting on a bench.
I guess the worst part is just how normal this is becoming. I consider myself an average person now and I sadly was in the minority. I promised 1 bad item of their choice. When the line for fried dough was too long we passed. No love lost on my part but damn that line was long. So much for the 4 hours of walking you did all day once you pile in all that crap.
Next, I don't even want to get started on the people smoking their foot long cigarettes while they are holding their child's hand or pushing the stroller. They had designated smoking areas but I saw tons of people just walking and smoking and sharing their nasty habit with the rest of us.
Finally due to the fact that Olivia rode this Tea party, soak you to your underwear ride about 10 times I got to hang out and watch her get on, get soaked and back in line for quite some time. During this time a woman is waiting on her 5 kids in line. While she waits she proceeds to have a screaming argument with someone on her cell phone. She either hangs up or is hung up on for a total of 3-4 calls.  She is so busy on the phone and taking pictures of the rest of her family she doesn't noticed she and a 6 month old child in a stroller are completely in the splash zone. So when the next ride goes back by she is drenched and the baby gets the direct hit while sitting in her stroller.
All I can say here is REALLY??
Can I just ask "Why be parents?"
It is our responsibility to do the best damn job that we can possibly do and then add 10% onto that. I feel like we are failing miserably. How are you teaching your kids to live well if you can't even take care of yourself? How soon before we are all riding around in our scooter to get places because we can't walk? Oh but you have that nifty basket on the front to hold your cell phone, carton of cigarettes and fried dough.
I am afraid for what this world is going to be when my kids have kids. I want to double my efforts to be a great Mother. I will teach them to live well, be polite and care about this world and the people in it. It is the best I can do. I just hope more people do this or my kids will soon be in the minority.


Barry said...

Wow. *applauds*

Anna @ Connecticut Weight Loss said...

when I first saw Wall-e I thought "OMG, this is how we are really going to end up"...and now my opinion is confirmed not daily, but weekly (maybe it will be a different form of slavery, one of the weight...)...really don't know what to say, I am disgusted by this like you are...ppl smoking cigars next to their children or other ppl...this is old, obesity is alarmingly increasing...laziness is something so often found...really don't know what to say, just hope there are many like you, to say what they're thinking and maybe they change...just maybe

Anna @ Connecticut Weight Loss said...

maybe the people thinking like you will change others' behavior, I wanted to say,sorry

Gia's Spot said...

This needs to be written in the sky for everyone to read, Foose! The stuff you feel is the stuff that changes the world, one woman at a time! Don't EVER quiet that voice! xo

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