Friday, April 22, 2011

She really will be a Pirate

I have been sitting on this for a few days. I am not really upset but I can't describe what I feel. I want to wrap my arms around her and make it go away. It isn't a big deal but I know it is going to be difficult for her and she is stubborn.
Ava had her eyes tested earlier this week and she caught Mom's "bad eye". Officially called Amblyopia or Lazy eye.
Apparently this could have been a problem since she was an infant but she had no way of expressing it. Now her brain has shut off that eye and we need to jump start it.The treatment is to patch the strong eye to force the weaker eye to work. They will also give her glasses to assist the weaker eye as much as possible. This is instantly frustrating because you are patching an eye with perfect vision and leaving her with an eye that has extremely poor vision. I am hoping that she only will need to be patched a few hours a day as opposed to back when I was a kid and they suggested all day patching. I have been reading and it appears they now believe that is not necessary. I hope this Doctor follows this philosophy. The visit was so fast that she just blurts out the patch and glasses speech after her next appointment. She needs to have a couple of days of drops and then a test to see what type of glasses she will need. K Thanks Bye.
Next time I will have my info prepared.
If you see her please don't mention it as she is dead pan NOT wearing glasses. I am not sure how we are going to tackle this as she is a Taurus and bullheaded. There isn't much I can make her do if she doesn't want to.
But I am a sneaky Mama so I have ordered some red and blue eye patches in hopes of winning her over with some Spiderman patches. I also showed her some Spiderman glasses and a cool purple pair. I will do whatever is necessary to get this child to follow the directions of the Doctor. I still struggle with this problem and don't want her to. But really how can you keep a child like this down?


Melting Mama said...

I have it.

Caileigh has it super bad.

Katie said...

We patched too....

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