Monday, April 18, 2011

The Death of Facebook

I'm gone.
I am sure some people notice-like the guy trying to message me about setting up a time to come cut my tree-then trying to find me in a phone book-What was her last name again?
Also remember when you actually knew how to use a phone book and you called people on a phone that was actually plugged into their wall, like with a wire?

I am sure some people never noticed I quit because they have 18,000 friends but only really know like 20 of them that they would see on the street and hug and say hi.
Gone are conversations, invitations and face to face time now. Trust me I am a huge offender.
I can barely carry on a conversation that is more than I would normally text. I mean say it in 100 characters and let's move on.
That doesn't always work, especially when you are single. I could probably skip the dance and state what I want to a man in a 100 character text. I wouldn't have to worry about being shy. Of course he would delete me and a rat in a cheese shop. So I don't do that...sober anyway.
But really I am sick of the whole thing. I have slid back on 2 times since I left and I have missed nothing.
You had a bad day, you don't want to be at work, you hate your man, woman, dog etc, you're "in a relationship" or not. I just don't need it.
I personally post in my normal crazy town way of thinking.
A.It isn't my real life or my complete life I should say. I just post to be silly.
B. I do it for entertainment-re:1,564 beer posts.
C. I do it so the family and friends who I never have time to actually call can see my kid's Halloween costume(even when she wears it on Easter), their 1st tooth, bike ride, birthdays and camping trips.
But for now, I am off it. I need a break. I will have to look back as I think I posted this before but when you get to the point where you are deleting your responses to other peoples post because they are just outright mean you need to go.
If I need to talk it out I will be here on my own personal soap box. Bitching about what ever fancies me- my job, Monday's, my kids and my relationship status. Remember the disclaimer-if you don't like it click the X in the top corner and you don't have to see my shenanigans posted on your wall for days to come. I do allow shitty remarks and welcome them. It might start a heated debate which would be way more stimulating than the vague comment wars on that other site.

Now it is 8:47- I have blogged, read the paper and shopped Craig's List so without Facebook to suck me in I am off to bed.


Barry said...

Shall we start a support group for recovering Crackbook addicts? ;)

I have not been on since I clicked the buh-bye button.

Barry said...

And BTW, I love the phone in the picture. Wish we still had one like that.

Anna @ Connecticut Weight Loss Surgery said...

well, I agree with you on most parts, but since it has become an addiction (and in the future we'll have diseases related to it) you know people will not be able to give it up,especially since so many ppl were caught by it,just like the flu...
maybe you want to see this movie of a guy who says it in a funny way...well,not the same age but he's got a point,just as you do

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