Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 year Anniversary

Does it feel like 4 years? Nope.
Yesterday was 4 years since I had RNY.
Do I regret it? Nope.
Is it hard? Some days but doesn't everyone deal with their weight or health on some level? I don't know too many people that don't have a bitch or moan about their weight once in their life.
I was worried about being on the scale. I wanted to not have a gain in the last year but then I got sick and thought who cares. I didn't do it for those people in the office I did it for me.
As with every doctors appointment I was waiting for about 15 minutes. I don't mind because it affords me the chance to look through my own chart and see where I came from.
First and most important-I came from 303lbs UGH!
Last year I was 1 lb heavier than this year! I am up from my lowest weight but I have maintained it within a couple of pounds for the last 3 years. I'm good with that.
My labs were good but my b12 is a bit low. They have upped the b12 requirements and seeing as I don't take any I guess I am behind the 8 ball a bit there. I got to meet the Nurse Practitioner which was much better than the Doctor as I drive there, wait 20 minutes and see him for 3 minutes. She actually had time to talk to me. I needed that. Who exactly is looking out for me these days? Me and I am doing a pretty sucky job at it.
She told me to tweak the vitamins for better absorption and add a daily b12. These things will help with my energy. I can use all the help I can get with energy. I can't remember when I didn't feel "assed out".
They note everything I say I guess because she also asked me about running the Road Race and whether I had done it last year. Nope. She then asked if I was going to do it this year.......Um, I want to. Lately I just haven't commited to anything. I hate more than anything to say I am going to do something and not follow through. I also feel pressured but my too full schedule. My plate is full, Thank you very much.
I want to run it, I do but we aren't going to go there today.
She wants to see me back in 6 months. To see how I am doing I guess. I am almost at the point where I age out of their program but I guess I need a little after school help.


Barry said...

There for you, as always. I cannot believe 4 years. I've got a few goals this year. Maybe we can smack each other around when we get off track.

Gia's Spot said...

With all the stuff going on in your life you have come through remarkably well! I for one will pat you on your back if you will not! And all of us can use some kind of improvment!

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