Monday, December 13, 2010

Mad Dash Santa

I am not going to blab on and on about money. We don't have a lot but neither do a lot of other people. I was extremely appreciative to get some help from family to pool together and make it great.
My plan was to go shopping this weekend as my next payweek would be Christmas Eve and that would be a little too late. I have talked to Nana, Dad and Gramma/Grampa and we have spread their lists between us all.
Saturday my Mom, sister and I headed to Plymouth with what I thought was some pretty solid ideas for 2 kids who don't need any more toys. It is so hard to shop with a tight budget when you know they have 10,000 similar toys in the bottom of their toy box.
Well we shopped all day and I am thrilled with everything we got. I think the only thing on their lists that I wasn't able to get was a cat. Another living being was not coming into the house-especially one who would be using the litter box. If it wasn't for the coyotes and the fleas I would throw those stinky assed cats outside everyday. Anyway-No more cats.
I even got things they didn't ask for. We got our hands on a free fish tank-a small one. We are going to set it up on Christmas Eve and just make it appear but give them gift certificates so they can pick out their own fish.We have had fish in the past and they loved them.
I also got an Air hockey table. They are going to flip when they see that. I bought it from Craigs List like a month ago. They play at Kids Club and any time they can at the arcade. Perfect game for a long cold, dark Winter. I hate to admit but that will have to go in the man room. It is going to be a long cold Winter for Mom as well. Maybe we need to start a league!!!
The girls were with their Dad this weekend so we were able to get this done without much sneaking around. I unloaded the car and the hidden bags from the attic and we have turned the Man-room into Santa's workshop. It will be perfect to work on wrapping little by slow over the next 2 weeks instead of trying to work until 3am on Christmas Eve. I spread it out into 2 piles to make sure we had everything and a relatively even amount of stuff and we did a damn good job if I do say so myself. Gramma and Grampa helped by getting 2 big items that I wasn't even attempting to buy and I had already started explaining how they wouldn't fit on Santa's sled. Thank you G&G!! I owe a lot of people this year.
Today I worked on cleaning up the house and decorating. I haven't had the ho,ho,ho this year and the kids deserve it. My Mom has a huge collection of Nutcrackers which I didn't even unpack last year. Wouldn't you know that is one of the things they asked about this year. I put them all out on the mantel and laughed as I unwrapped the silly ones. It helped me come out of my not so Christmas mood by rushing to get it ready before they came home. I have an illness and it is my love of surprising others. They came home to some sparkly decorations and the nut crackers they wanted and I got to enjoy their smiles.
Next weekend I plan on getting a tree and letting them bake some cookies. I certainly don't need cookies but I figure we can use all the crystal sugar and make a mess.
Merry Christmas !!

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