Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ho, Ho, Oh No

And so it begins.
Like everyone else I know I have already started the Christmas planning, scraping and crossing of the fingers. I have asked questions and started hunting sales circulars. I already know this year is going to be a hard one.
So Thank you American Girl Inc for not only sending me 1 but 2 of your Christmas catalogs. I got to spend this morning looking at all the things that were circled and my daughters name scribbled over each one.
As I promised, I do not lie and try to be pretty direct with my girls.
Well, explain to a 7 year old how very expensive an American Girl doll is. The bunny alone was 20 bucks. The doll is $95 and hey they throw in a paperback book to boot. Yee-haw- that will make the sale for me! She says she needs everything at the same time because how else is she going to camp, ride her bike and play with her bunny. So essentially I am looking at a $1000 American Girl shopping spree before I have had 1 ounce of Click. Lord, help me.
I delicately try to explain a doll is $100 and that is a lot of money. If that were to happen then the bike, camper and buny may not.
Her answer-Well, how much change is that? Because maybe me, you and Nana could put all our change from our piggy banks together. I think that might be enough. Oh, Damn. I again am explaining that is a whole lot of change my dear.
But as always she has the answer: Mom, I know. I will just ask Santa for this stuff because then he could get it all for me and you wouldn't have to spend your money.
I am lucky enough to still have daughters who believe in Santa, the Tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. I fear this is probably the year it will end for her.I will do my best to extend it as long as possible.
So look for the change jars around town - Fooseberry Christmas Fund - or maybe a bake sale/ car wash. Oh,that is her other idea I almost forgot-Mom, we could just have a car wash. People make a lot of money at a car wash.
It is a difficult thing to explain. I want my kids to respect what they have, understand it has value and that it takes hard work to earn money but I guess it is early for some of that.
I have always hated the idea that you should expect things given to you. I do not believe inheritance, lottery or the casino is ever going to help me out. I grew up always hearing that when my Dad won the lottery this or that would happen for me. Well all I see is a million dollars paid into the lottery commission that could have been earning interest somewhere.So now my belief is the only way I am getting anywhere is my my own 2 hands. I think too many people are living their lives waiting for the windfall to hit. It isn't coming people and you are wasting quality time when you could be working planning for the day when you scratch that million dollar ticket. Well, enjoy yourself  I am going back to work.
I did not intend on this post heading this way but sometime the shit just flows and I type where it takes me.


Gia's Spot said...

What a timely post! I was just talking with S5 about those dolls. When I was a single Mom, both my girls wanted an American Girl doll so bad! I would find the pages everywhere, left stratically where I would have to see them. Every time, it broke my heart because I could never and I mean NEVER get one for them. They still talk about those blasted dolls! I wish I had just thrown away the catalogs! As for the lottery dreaming, I am guilty of that! I spend 20 dollars a week and keep trading in the winners till there are no more and start over the next week. I never think about winning big, I am happy with the little winnings that keep me getting more!! I suppose if I saved that 20 each week I would have a nice sum for retirement but I earn it so I'm enjoying it!!

Barry said...

I am SO glad my parents never pushed the Santa thing. Or the church thing. Taught me reality at an early age and I never expected much at Christmas. It's amazing I'm not a sour puss. ;) As we like to say, good luck with that.

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