Saturday, July 17, 2010

Technological Anxiety

I think I hate my computer.
I have intense anxiety each and every time I am on it. I look at the Sitemeter and see where peeps are reading from and when they are in this town my stomach flips over.
I am being contacted on Facebook - some good and some bad but not sure who to trust or believe.
Can I disconnect? It's like a car wreck I can't look away from but I do know that this feeling isn't there and then I start to open the windows and I feel it tightening up.
So maybe text, call or come by like in the olden days!
Face to Face contact would do me some good.

I am gone. I am going to continue to blog in my dream world. See I enjoyed it when I used to write about my happy life and think that no one was listening. God, I wish I lived in a bubble.


Gia's Spot said...

Oh I will miss the girls shenanigans! But I totally get it!

Live/Love/Life said...

it was probably just me/ not signing in and checking....don't go~
F-em if they can't handle the truth!

Live/Love/Life said...

although you do have some random locations.......

Bonnie said...

Totally get it.
Will miss your posts, you always make me laugh...well, almost always.
You'll be back...when your ready.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Living well is the best revenge. Continue to do your thing... live your life and when the creeps realize that they have wasted theirs instead of living it you will have the last laugh my friend ;)

On a happier note... I saw this and thought your whippersnapper might enjoy it or you could pass it on to other Mom's

Kids: Design a bookmark & enter to win a $500 Borders Gift Card for yourself & one for your school library!

Mom said...

How will I know what happening to my girls?????? Return when you are ready- I'd give up facebook first- or just blog and don't read comments!!! Love, Mom

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