Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blood, Beach and Stitches

Anybody that knows the work schedule around here knows that it can be harder days after all the overtime. For me it doesn't seem to kick my ass for approximately 2.5 days. After working a bunch of overtime and not really catching up on my sleep I admit I am a sloth until I get a Click shake into my body. So this morning I am laying in bed hearing the kids play in their room and every once in a while they pop in to show me what Barbie is wearing. The next visit is from Ava who calmly reports she hurt her foot and she fell. I look over the edge of the bed and she is bleeding all down her leg and there is a trail of blood from her room to mine. I scoop her up and run to the bathroom to see what the hell is going on-blood is dripping all the way.
I get her cleaned up but she is now freaked and crying not to touch it. Remarkably it is a small crescent shaped cut on the front of her shin. My first thought is she has decided to start shaving her legs but it went horribly wrong. Olivia walks in with a piece of paper claiming this is what cut her. I say "No Honey, this is worse than a paper cut". "No" she says "this"-I look again and she has picked up a piece of glass on the paper (smart move sister!) At first glance it looks like a fake press on nail but then I look closer and I figure out it is a piece of a broken light bulb. Last week they knocked over a lamp with one of those curly-Q bulbs and I vacuumed and vacuumed but I guess I didn't get it all.
Well it stops bleeding pretty fast after this and the crying stops after a Littlest Pet Shop band aid is applied. She is determined to go swimming but all I can think is e-coli in the pond next to swimming lessons so we make a stop and get her some water-proof band aids.
After the pond we come home and I promptly remove all the band aids and ask Nana to take a look. She immediately says-maybe a stitch or at least a butterfly band aid to close that up. See it is small but looks deep. I call the Doctor but they are closed for lunch and extremely busy so she suggests the Fast Track at the ER. Off we go for what I think is a little blown out of proportion cut.
Guess that is why I am not a nurse/doctor type person. Soon after we arrive they are trying to numb it up which is not really working as he scrubs it and she begins to scream while I hold her down. This has to be the worst thing in the entire world!!!! He also keeps telling her she is doing good and is done so she tries to sit up and look but he is still stitching her. Now she sees the scissors and starts to scream that he is cutting the hair off her leg!!!!( Earlier we had joked about how hairy her legs were!)
She was pissed to say the least. They put a giant band aid on and tried to offer her a Popsicle but she just kept saying Mom, I want to go home RIGHT NOW! I don't blame you kid me too. I was happy to get her dancing and licking a Cherry Dip from Dairy Queen on the way home but she was never far from crying on the way home.
Of course, I was off to work once I got home and changed but I was happy to see them elbow deep in paint and glitter at the kitchen counter when I left. Thank you again Nana for all you do to keep them smiling.

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