Friday, May 21, 2010

Yard Work

This yard is small. Mr. FB always wanted more land and I always said it was enough. Well now that I am handling it on my own it is definitely enough. Today I was like a Mexican jumping bean. I jumped from corner to corner and by the end didn't feel like I got any one project done. I hate that feeling.
I am happy to say I got a couple of posts dug and some lattice attached as I am hoping to grow my cucumbers up?? I am not sure about how this is going to work but I am told it is a good way to save space in the garden. We will see.
You can see above that we tried out some seeds. What you see is sunflowers, watermelon, pumpkins and some wildflowers. Last week we lost them on a cold, cold night but today I was happy to see even more green sprouting out of the dirt. They may be saved. Grampa is going to hook us up with the rest of our plants tomorrow so we will update our planting then.
It seems I spent most of the day working on the corners of the yard. Around the house is a nightmare and along the fence to my neighbors is the same. We have this horrific weed that seems to have fangs popping up everywhere. I had to dig it up leaving about half a dozen holes because even gloves don't protect you from its barbs. See the enemy below!
I just can't seem to get 1 project done. No wait, I did get the front and back lawns mowed but am in dire need to get my weed whacker fixed because the edges are like 2 feet tall. I am also currently scrubbing my deck of the mold in hopes of staining/sealing it to make it beautiful again. I just can't seem to get it all off. The mold has fangs too! I again scrubbed it today ( this is the second round of scrubbing) and let the sun do it's work then rinsed it just before I left for work. Nana just called to say how good it looked so I will have to check it out in the A.M. now that it has dried.
I wanted to clean up other areas but everything needs something to finish it. Money is short right now so I just stuck with things I could do with manual labor.
After all this work, I smelled like a truck driver and itched like crazy so a long hot shower and some cuddle time with Ava meant I dozed off only to be woken up at 3:10 pm. Not good when I need to leave for work at 3:30, no uniform ironed, no dinner and most importantly no coffee or Click shake!
UGH! I made it about 5 minutes late as I just had to at least be rolling with some coffee.
Tomorrow I hope to enjoy some fun with the girls as I am stuck in the box from 8am until midnight Sunday. Got to make the big bucks.
Garden updated photos to come.


Barry said...

Your weed is a thistle. They get really tall and have a nice flower. But do they ever bite!


Bonnie said...

LOL... I was going to tell you it was thistle too... Barry beat me to it. The flower is really pretty and teh gold finch will come and eat the seeds later in the summer....You should try and transplant some of them in a corner of your yard... :)

Fooseberry said...

I don't care what you two Earthy Crunchies call it. I call it the enemy!!!

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