Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just call me Gardener Smurf!

First I will say I was happy as a clam nursing my sore muscles from all the work yesterday when I got a bitchy text about how I should be outside with the kids. Well the kids were with their Dad and I was in my pajamas reading trashy magazines-sounding like a great day to me.
So I rolled my lazy butt off the coach and roamed around thinking all that was left either was too big of a job or I needed money which I have 0 today.
No money means back to free manual labor. So here is what I did get done over the weekend:
( Be prepared for a LONG post-I was a busy beaver!)
Remember my bitchy post about these stones. They have been in my driveway for like 2-3 years I think. I started to make a home for them last year but I was " not doing it right". So I waited but they stayed parked in the driveway. Now I have no one to do it for but myself so I figured girl quality was better than nothing so I dug in. Yesterday I started digging out the weeds that had overtaken the grass I removed last year. Today I finished the grass removal.
Now the pile of stones looks like this:
And the wall looks like this:
Huh, Huh, Huh...... Not bad for a girl with only the power of her hands. I have to admit when the men showed up to till the garden I did have to be told the first 6 were laid upside down but that is OK, better than finding out 35 stones into it.
I will be off loading my scraps at the stump dump on Tuesday and loading up some compost to top off my fabulous garden-seen below and to top off the new little garden behind this new wall.

I also need to finish moving that wood you see in the corner. It was twice the size but I started adding it to the new pile behind this photo. I burned all the scrapes of wood and tree limbs that fell during the Winter in my burn barrel (seen above the garden) last night and the girls played in the yard until after dark cooking s'mores and thinking they were the cats meow. Olivia says " Mom, we are usually in bed by now right?" Yes "Well we are staying up as long as you are then!" Not so much~while the embers died down they got hustled off to the tub and tucked into bed around 9. I was thrilled to have had the best day in I don't know how long. Add that to today and I might just have to admit the best weekend in forever. I got projects done, I did them myself and I am proud of them.


Gia's Spot said...

What a great wall!! Great job Jenn!!

Barry said...

FANTASTIC! Wow! I am impressed and proud of you.

Lauren said...

That wall is GREAT! Good for you!

Barb on cape cod said...

You GO GIRL!!!!! That is amazing for anyone, not just "a girl"!!!!!Great Job!!!

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