Monday, March 22, 2010

When is my day off?

Last week, you know how that went.
This week, I have trying to plan a Mom Day. I have not said anything to anyone because I really don't want any company. No offense to any of my Lovely Friends but I was looking forward to just taking off.
So in the last year different things have happened that are like a slap in my forehead because I don't see subtle signs. One of the things I have been working on is finding time for me.
So is this a sign??
I really want to make this work but I just popped over to my yahoo calender and I have something to do with the kids every possible day I want to go.
First of all I have no babysitter for Ava for any of the possible days - Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.
Secondly I have to work Wednesday at 4.
Thirdly I volunteered for a field trip Thursday morning.
Fourthly(is there such a thing?) I told Olivia I would pick her up from School Friday at 3:30 for skating.
I can not be pissed at anyone but myself. I continuously put everything before things I want to do. So now I may not be able to go due to my lack of planning.
This is just the lecture I would be giving my kids who won't put their shoes on - Great, now you can just stay home!

1 comment:

MOM said...

Because I am much, much, much older than you and now that my crazy behavor has already been inherited by my lovely daughter, I can offer you some help if you can hang in another 1 1/2 weeks as I am off for 2 whole, glorious weeks and would love to have AVA for a day as you make other plans. So look up stuff to do anytime after April 4th and I am at your service!!! It seems far away now- to me too- but its really right around the corner. I would suggest checking into a hotel that has massages, etc. like where you get your hair cut- you can go for the day and I'll spend the night!!!! Love, Mom

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