Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carb Lover to my death

I will eat them on a train and I will eat them on a plane.
I will eat them here or there.
I will eat them everywhere.
This is such a beaten issue I know. It is like hearing someone talk about how they are going to quit drinking-Ya, Right.
I have been searching the Internet for info on diets -I hate that word- eating plans for hypoglycemics. Last week I cut out sugar again but my diet was still including grains. I ate only whole wheat bread or English muffins ect. I spent Thursday in a virtual coma.
See after Gastric Bypass I did great-lost 135 lbs at my lowest between February and November. WooHoo! Then I gained back 15 lbs-BOOM! I have tried everything to get that off my ass with no success. I have now had the great fortune of adding a glucose meter and a medical alert bracelet to my life. Not so Great! I have spoken to my surgeon and a Diabetic Nutritionist but that only made it worse. He told me " Go back to the basics." What the Hell is that? She told me to add more grain as long as it is complex(whole wheat), that unfortunately made it worse. I wasn't eating that many "breads" as I call them but she insisted this would help balance me out. Not the solution for a Gastric patient who has carb addition and reactive hypoglycemia. Instead those breads just lead me to get sleepy and drink more coffee to try to wake up. Welcome Click to my life. In my continued reading I am finding that caffeine can make hypoglycemia symptoms worse-meaning I may not begin to feel a low coming on until it is much lower. I usually don't start to feel in until I am 55-60 and falling. The signs for me are rage or anxiety, shaking and confusion-not great things to have with small children or at work.
I am not happy and not ready to make the changes that I think are necessary. I have come to the conclusion that I should be living a Grain Free life. I have frequently used the words " carb free" and people freak. I know you can't live without carbs but I didn't have a better description of it until I found this. I think of carbs as bread, pasta or cereal. In February I ate only protein with fruits and vegetables and no surprise I never used my glucose meter. There just was no sign I was going low. No roller coaster of drowsiness and then 1000mg of caffeine to try to correct it so I can go on with my life.
I have to talk it out to work it out in my head. So Thanks for listening or reading as it were. I am still figuring it out. Mourning food by eating the remainder of Joe's cupcakes. I am my own worst enemy.
Also bouncing around in the back of my head....Could Ava's behavior issues be associated with low blood sugar? What have I done to my kids because of this?

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