Monday, February 1, 2010

Money and Food are the devil

Ever notice how similar these two evils are?
The big thing for me is that I can consume both like rapid fire.
Where did that $100 go?
Where did that 3000 calories come from?
The suck part is that is seems to take a blink of an eye to spend both but it takes an eternity to pay them back. I have a credit card with a high balance. I was lucky enough to get them to lower my interest to 6% as long as I agree to pay a fixed amount every month and close the account. I should have this card paid off in 5 years. Yes, 5 years-seems like an eternity particularly when I have no idea where that money went. If I had 1 big shiny object in my mitts it would be easier to make those payments but I don't. I also can't afford much else while making these payments.
Same as how I got to 306 lbs. Food goes in and it is forgotten. Until your ass is so wide that you can't do things anymore. Where did this ass come from?
It is a definite sign of the times. We want things NOW and we want them fixed now. Take that from a girl with a stapled stomach.
I guess it takes longer for us to fix our mistakes for a reason, so that we can learn from our mistakes and hopefully not make them again.
So on I trudge.
Taking all my overtime as money with no extra days off in sight.
Looking at my tax refund which is 1/3 it used to be so no big catch up there.
Putting off things I need or want because of the poor choices I have made.
I think we work hard and deserve nice things so this makes the next 5 years a harder pill to swallow. Our cars are aging, our house is aging and our vacation dreams are being postponed but this is our hole and we dug it.
Frustration is high and hope is low but on we must go.

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