Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How's your Christmas going?

I thought I was doing pretty good. Money is tight but I am proud of my inventive skills to get the kids most of what they wanted. Luckily the list was short for Olivia and Ava had no list.
I don't like it but we have moved closer to giving more and more Gift certificates in the last few years. I would prefer to give brightly wrapped presents but then you hate it or it isn't your size and you have to wait in line to return it and then it turns into a Valentine's day present by the time it all gets worked out. So where do we end up....With 10 envelopes stuck on the tree and a kid under the tree waiting for Santa.
I decided to order a bunch of Gift certificates through Olivia's school as it would kill a bunch of birds with 1 stone and the school can make some money. The PTO has a program where different businesses donate a percentage of the gift certificate value back to the school. 2 weeks ago I send in 2 checks with the order form which should have covered about 6-7 presents for both my Mom and myself. I thought the order form said you would get the gift cards by Wednesday December 16. That day came and went, I am a scatter brain so maybe it was Wednesday December 23. No, this is the day I get a call from the PTO that states that the teacher (a Sub) didn't know what this was so he didn't submit the order form until today December 23 and sorry but we have missed the deadline. She was very apologetic and I was accepting as it wasn't her fault.
This left me scrambling a bit today but that is Ok because I was getting paid today. Aren't I?
Cluster F #2- We were told to get our pay sheets in early so we could get paid before the Holiday. At Thanksgiving we got paid on Wednesday and we were told this time it would be the same so I planned the remainder of my shopping for today. I get up, check the bank balance and d'oh-EMPTY! M F'ers. Sorry the checks aren't going out until tomorrow. You know tomorrow, like frigging Christmas Eve.
Going smoothly so far - Can't you tell.
Luckily I have some terrific family that lent me some money to finish up. Tomorrow a couple of odds and ends and then off to Church.
Yes, you heard me - Church. Olivia is singing with her CCD class at the 4pm Mass. Afterwards we are having the Berry's over for dinner and presents. Let the celebrations begin.
I am pretty happy with the gifts for the kids and how I have avoided a financial meltdown of over charging. Ok I have to pay back the Moms tomorrow but I should have that and they aren't charging me interest like Chase and Citibank would be.
We decided to head to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Christmas dinner because we haven't seen them in too long and they live only a mile away. Their house is always fun, full of food and tons of kids for the girls to play with.
Hope your Holiday preparation is going well.
Merry Christmas!

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