Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving to Christmas is too short

Why is it at this time of year it is always the same:
Why didn't I put $20 a week away so I was ready?
What am I going to buy for the in-laws?
Do they really need another My Little Pony?

Last night it was dead quiet in this place so I sat down with my calender and planned for the month of December. The bills are all gonna get paid but what is left is laughable.
I am/was stressed. I am OK with it for now but this could change at any moment. I am planning on a homemade card with a photo of the kids. This is more about making me happy than the money. I like cards and would like to have a special one not just a regular boxed card. A decent Midnight OT shift would be great to get these done!
I made a list of people we need to buy for and it is not terrible but finding something for some of these people is hard. Then I get to the point where I feel like we are buying just because we have to not because we have found the best gift for a person.
The kids are easy. I don't want to get a ton of crap so it will be a small Christmas, getting only what they need or some of what they asked for. Ava has been too funny-she doesn't understand that " We'll see."basically means No. Every commercial she squeals out " Can I get that? Can I get that?" and my answer is always "We'll see" and in return I hear " Thanks Mom."
So I will be taking a deep breath and hand my debit card to Dad so that I need a permission slip for anything I do. We have to keep on this path and not stray no matter how the pressures of Christmas push us. It is not about the presents-It is about the cookies.....Oh, I mean love and family.


Barry said...

We've already bought our wreaths (I got a beauty in NY from a person my friend knows there to support her) and two other ones locally... so far. Oh, and we have two small trees in place on both porches already. Lights on them, but not plugged in yet. Gah. I think I lost my HUMBUG! :)

Terri said...

Say it isn't so!!
Mr G and I joined the Christmas Club at our bank this year. I have to admit that my usual holiday stress is nonexistent. I hope it remains that way. In the past I tried shopping early, my goal was to be to be completed by Thanksgiving. But that was just too difficult for me to keep up with. This club seems to be the trick. Good idea Mr G!!

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