Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time is not on my side.

For those of you that do not believe in God, Allah, The Great Spirit or The Great Pumpkin I want you to explain how this happens.
I will tell the whole long story so you hear how strange it is.
I am a watch wearing girl. I was wearing an Ironman watch which I never took off even to swim or shower. I am always freakishly busy and need to know what time it is because I go, go, go.
This starts back around July 4th week and I am camping and my watch band brakes-Oh well I am on vacation. My husband knows I need one to get to Bingo and Bocce ball on time so he buys me a cheapo $7 watch to get me thru. It dies before the week is over.
I get home and start to wear an expensive gold one I got for Christmas a few years ago. One day it just snaps and falls off my wrist. Um ok?!?!
Over the next few weeks I dig out an old Swatch Watch (God I was a Swatch freak in High School) and a Hello Kitty watch both dead batteries and 1 has no band.
I finally think I have this now, I order a band for the Ironman and the Swatch on Ebay so I will have 2 watches working in case anything happens again.
The Swatch band came with no pins and I have none and the Ironman band is the wrong size.
Finally I dropped off a necklace and my gold watch at the jeweler on Thursday to be repaired. No Problem they say. Saturday I get a call that the necklace is fixed but the watch band is IRREPAIRABLE!
WTF people?
Is this a sign that I need to not wear a watch? I obviously did not see this before so I am being knocked over the head with a mallet-DON"T WEAR A WATCH IDIOT!


Mom said...

You need to quit the good life and start wearing the $12.95 CVS brand-when it gets lost or broken I just buy a new one becus--it costs just 12.95- same cost as new battery and someone to put new battery in when I can't. ORRRRRR---you may be right- God doesn't want you to wear a watch. I always go with my first response although the God thing is always right. I need to butt mny head against the wall a few times before I just trust the God thing-although I'm great for recommending him to others, Love, Mom

Bon Bon said...

waiting for the thirteenth hour

FBF said...

I have this issue too, but am doing quite well with my Timex digitals from Target. I think it has something to do with our magnetic personalities, and much less to do with any god. But that's me.

Get the Timex, or just ask random strangers for the time. :)

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