Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dance Therapy

Remember my spiel about people and their therapies? Well I think I may have found Ava's therapy. I thought we would give dance a whirl as Olivia loves it so much. I had it in my head we would try it for a month and if she can't keep it together we would try gymnastics or karate or something to burn off some of her steam. I know it was only the first week but I think we may have a winner.I had forgotten it was tap/ballet so we did not have tap shoes but luckily Miss Kim's daughter is in the class and she had a pair we could borrow. That is Ava and Olivia's teacher and her daughter Chandler-who is so much like Ava I am not sure if they are friends or enemies.
The fun began when she realized she could actually stomp and make noise and that was OK in tap class. This is going to be fun!
A few more girls showed up after this photo so the class is about 11-12 girls. Miss Kim was great and left the door open so we could snap some photos of their first class but once she starts we are lucky enough to be able to watch on flat screen TV's she has set up in the waiting room. I was a little concerned when another little girl tried to be bossy to Ava-All I saw (no sound) on the TV was this girl wagging her finger at her and trying to take her by the hand back to the white line. Next was Ava smacking her hand away. I was getting worried Ava was going to give her the smack down and I would have to run in to help. That seemed to go away when she took another girls hand to direct her and that girl didn't mind being bossed.
All in all - She loved it and can't wait to go back. I think we may have a problem on Saturday when Olivia has her class and Ava can't join in.
Mr.Fooseberry and I have agreed if this is what she needs we will pay for dance and school 7 days a week. Whatever makes her happy.

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Bonnie said...

I LOVE it!!...just wish they could be in class together!!!!

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