Monday, August 24, 2009

Decrackification.....Week 2

I stole this from Melting Mama as it fits my life so well. Before I had WLS I got through a long afternoon with a Pepsi ( Ooooo to have a real Pepsi again) and a candy bar. Now if I have that expect me to nod off, drop off in mid sentence and possibly drool on myself. Thank you weight loss surgery. I can, as you all know, put down some candy although I am not supposed to. It is a huge addiction which has taken me to sleep eating chocolate, eating all the hidden Halloween/Easter candy and pretty much having candy in my life daily.
Last week I posted I was done because I had had a bad day. I know you haven't heard from me again so that usually means I am back to my ways.
So on with the wheel of destruction-bitch, fix, fall off the wagon, repeat.
Story of my life.
Anyway I am 1 week out and doing OK. It feels like I have been eating like a maniac but no sugar, no pasta, no potato. I have had some whole wheat wraps and brown rice but lots of salad/fruit and veggies on top of my protein.
I am currently eating a tomato and mozzarella salad with tomato from my garden.
So far so good. I feel pretty good with no swings or finger pricks needed but I have been planning most of my food from home. I did the Sam Diego's date but I think I did OK then too.
I am reading a book I just picked up called Living Low-Carb by Fran McCullough . I am already thoroughly confused as she runs thru all of the low carb diets out there but I am hoping to get more info on what to put into my mouth and what not to.
So there you have it. Week 1 success-Week 2 ?

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Terri said...

Keep it up, you can do!! After week 2, it'll be easier!
BTW...what kind of "sugar" is that add for?!

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