Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teeth cleaning for 2, please

They went in with white teeth and came out with these fangs!!
I had to take the girls to get their teeth cleaned today. All was fine until it was Ava's turn and she was not having it. I reminded her of the prize basket, stickers and new tooth brush but she still crossed her arms and said-NO! The hygienist was patient and had her sit in a little wooden chair and actually did the exam and cleaning while she craned her neck back. Not the best option but it got the job done.
They left with pockets full of crap like a new tooth brush, rings, bracelets, stickers and even these fancy fangs.
I like this Dentist don't get me wrong but I don't like paying. I had insurance when we started and I only had 1 child now I am a bargain shopper. I am looking into the fact that Health Insurance may pay for dental care until a child is 11 years old. This would involve changing dentists to a Fang-less doctor but Mama needs to buy school clothes and today I was told she needs a new filling and 4 sealants (for the low, low price of $180)
Sorry Mrs. Fooseberry you make too much money for any assistance although you have only $3.76 in your bank account. Have a nice day!!


Melting Mama said...


<--- says the woman with 14!? necessary fixes in her face.

Anonymous said...

Wow talk about sealing teeth!Dont do it:) if I remember correctly they offer it for for free at CC Community College.During the school year A flyer will come in the Back Pack!Keep your eyes open.Cause you know me if free for me.

wendy said...

Hey that was me I have no idea why anonymous came up

Terri said...

They do offer sealants at 4C's but when I went there for the hygiene program they really liked to have a donation. That was a considerable amount of years ago so they may have a required fee for the service. Worth looking into. You'll likely have to wait until "kid day" with lots of other kiddos around. Oh, and make sure you have lots of time on your hands b/c it isn't quick at 4C's. But the savings might be worth it to you. Good luck!

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