Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Alone Today

Dad took the kids out to do some errands so I took off to do some of my own. This never happens to me. I was able to get a baby shower gift and hit Walmart without a scene or a spanking. Hallelujah!!!
I have now gotten my sewing stuff all torn apart and reassembled back into the bag. It was so bad that the sewing machine was on the floor next to the bag as I just threw everything back in the last time I used it. See I really never get any time to do anything I want to do for example sew. I get it all unpacked and then a child needs something or I need to watch them do something or worst yet-Mom, Can I sew something?? So the last time I used the machine to make the tooth fairy bag I think I just swiped the whole lot off the table, into the bag and threw it back into the closet.
I am also a sap so every day my kid comes home with papers, drawings, anything made out of a paper towel roll and I can't throw this shit away. It is over taking my closet like the blob. It is starting to flow out-UGH!
Project #2- Sort the whole mess out and I got it down to 1 box labeled Preschool and Kindergarten. Now to pack up the trash before she gets home to give me the whole - MOM, that is the most important piece of art IN MY LIFE. You can't throw it away.
I wish the wood stove was lit I would just burn the evidence.
So in a little over an hour I have gotten done what would have taken me a day or two had they been home.
Now off to get their party clothes ready. They are rolling to a baby shower with Dad while I fight crime.


Gia's Spot said...

Very great post, Jenn! If you don't mind me telling a tale... I remember getting a box from "storage" in the basement and sitting with the girls to go thru all the old stuff I saved from birth to adult that they made, colored, crafted, got an A on, whatever and here I was happily gonna pass the things on with honor that I saved their whole life for them... "Mom why would anyone want to take this junk with them to a new house"... hmmm sure,, now when I get grandkid posters, drawings, etc , they get displayed for a day in honor on the fridge and in the trash when they leave! They never know any different!! Saved me so much space in the basement!! lol.. just saying...

Melting Mama said...

I'm bad. I throw every thing away, and I am so disorganized, forget it.

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