Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gotta Love Craig's List

Let me explain this a little.
Mr. Fooseberry drives an old lady-180,000 miles and still rolling. We love her. We also don't want to piss her off as she needs to tow our camper all the way to Maine next Saturday.
He has been having problems with the drivers seat leaning and not in a good Gangsta lean sort of way. When I drive I need to tuck my backpack behind my right shoulder so I can sit up straight.
So his birthday is coming up and I am always listening and trying to produce gifts he wants but maybe won't expect. This is difficult because he can be a pain in the ass but that is another post.
Anyway-I start searching for replacement seats at low cost. Right, I know.
By the way as I type this I am starting to smell cat pee- on with my story.
So he plans to strip the whole seat down and weld the broken parts while I go off Cape. I have planned a secret trip to purchase 2 seats for Big Daddy.
I meet this man in Lakeville and he loads them from his trunk to the back of my SUV. I pay and leave happy as a lark- He will never expect this!!!
We are just merging onto the highway when the wind starts to circulate the cat piss smell all thru the car.
I am now in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get back onto the Cape on a Friday at 4pm and I am trapped in cat hell.
When I finally get home Olivia can hardly control herself about A PRESENT< A PRESENT< A PRESENT. I am trying to calm her as I really need to drive directly to the dump with them.

The good news of the story is that he had already planned on stripping the seats down to the frame to weld so he stripped the cat piss one out on his tailgate and threw the pad and cover directly in a pile for the dump.
Once he stripped the one from his truck he found it broken in 3 places-top and bottom. He did have to weld the new seat in a small place but it was a great improvement over his old mess.
He worked all day on the old girl- New oil, Transmission service and a seat that is almost as good as new so we hope she Thanks us by taking us on a great vacation Saturday.

1 comment:

Bonnie:) said...

I'm thrilled that it worked out for you.... there is NO worse smell than cat pee on EARTH!!!...
Happy Camping to you all!!!

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