Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ever notice how disconnected all of us are now?
I am not a computer person at all. I can't answer what system I have, what mega byte I use or even how to use most functions on a computer. I stumble thru with my couple of fingers and I have to watch myself type. I am not a tech person.
Yesterday I watched a news program about how many million percent text messaging has gone up. I am a victim of that too.
I am on Facebook, Myspace(rarely),Blogger and Gmail.
I have been known to be text messaging, IMing and Blogging all at the same time. I admit I have contact on my Blog and Facebook with family from far which I find really cool. We may not talk or keep in good direct contact but you can see what I am doing and I can see what you are doing.
It is sort of like a Christmas card letter of the 50's but you get an update daily or weekly.
The question is What happens to the human factor? Can you have a normal conversation with a real live person? On one hand this is good for me as I have social anxiety and I can have friends but not put myself out there too much. On the other hand-I don't have to put myself out there so much. It is a double edged sword.
I also think it is weird when I see a person I haven't seen in a while yet they know all about my life and how I have been doing. I was recently talking to someone who has never seen or read my Blog and she asked me "Are you honest when you write?" I was kind of surprised-" Why wouldn't I be honest?" I am actually more honest here I think than in real life. I mean I don't talk about everything in my life-Mr FB isn't too hot about being on the Blog-but I say what I want. It is my space to do that.
Why I am writing so deep and not about birthday parties and cupcakes I am not sure but again it is my space so I can do that.


Bonnie:) said...

Life is busier than ever now.... this is what we all have to do to stay connected I guess. On the other hand, maybe we should just plain slow down and make the time to "BE" make me think Mrs.Fooseberry.

FBF said...

I like IMing you when we're about 8 feet from each other. :)

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