Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can I be any more tired?

I just don't know. My friend and I talk about being so deeply exhausted that you just can't think straight. I don't think you have any idea what that is like unless you are a combat soldier or a parent. I am not sure my youngest daughter has slept thru the night more than 10 times since she was born 3 years ago. Oh wait, unless she is at Gramma's house. There she sleeps until 8am-I think they are drugging her.
Every morning I start my day with my vitamins and I take a giant fish oil/omega pill that I hope will help with my misfiring empty brain. No I need more than a little fish oil. I need an oil change. I mean empty the brain out and tune this bitch up.
Tonight at work I have done the best one ever. It really isn't funny because my job can be quite serious but at this time I am so overtired I am giggling just typing this.
I have to press a button or foot pedal to talk on the radio. I use the foot pedal mostly so I can use my hands to type and talk on the phone. Tonight while getting information on the phone I press the pedal to talk to the officer. I give all the information about the call and while I am talking my partner walks over to me and says-there is no one there. I check with the caller and think -no she is still there. That is when I realize I never put my foot on the pedal-I am just giving the information out to...thin air. Next she comes over the radio - Go Ahead-as if to say I am waiting.
I am an idiot. In the past I have been so tired I answer the radio like the phone and the phone like the radio-headquarters-but this takes the cake.
I just don't see an end in sight. I started this shift exhausted and my only hope is that in 20 hrs I may be in bed. How long can a person do this before permanent damage occurs? Oh wait maybe I am just this crazy and it is not exhaustion. See what I mean I am talking to myself right now.
So if I call you looking for bail I probably got picked up for OUI sleep.Tomorrow is mad party prep. Olivia will be 6 on Saturday so I have a bunch of cooking to do. We have cupcakes to frost before school and I am making a giant SpongeBob cake. I also have to make potato salad, pulled pork, cole slaw and jello. Jello???
Oh this is going to be great. Crabby patties out of orange jello and they have to race holding them on a spatula. That ought to be a hoot. Also doing a race where they have to walk like a crab. Ava is a champ at that so the youngest may kick their butts. I will post some photos Sunday-keep your eye out.
26 minutes left of work so I will be sleeping in about 46 minutes. Night!


Bonnie said...

I say there needs to be a routine change. At least that was what worked for us....Good luck!...sweet dreams!!!

Melting Mama said...

*sending you a vacation to hot beach with cabana boy delivery* WAIT. TAKE ME.

Have a great birthday party!

PS. Mr. has skool all day tomorrow, but there's a slight chance if I shake off 2-3 kids you might see me in a taxi. ;)

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