Monday, May 4, 2009

I was not going to do this

This man will never stand foot in my house!!

Yeah right, He is my daughter's lover now. I remember a long, long time ago when I was not going to have my children watch so much TV or eat junk food or be rude.

If you know my children, you know I have miserably failed. I now have 2 children and I live in the real world. I am too busy to be baking my own bread or making macaroni necklaces to entertain them. Although the trampoline is turning out to be a great source of entertainment for Ava starting at 7am.

I have to laugh at the ideas we had before the kids came. It was just my husband and I and a couple of cats. We knew what we were going to do......Yeah Right! We couldn't even use what we learned from one kid to the next because that even changed. UGH!

So we do the best we can. They eat McDonald's but we make them drink milk, they eat peanut butter and fluff but on wheat and they even say no Thank You when asked to pick up their room. They are trying to be polite all while telling me No!

On the other hand they are smart and funny and definitely just like their Mom and Dad and that may be the scariest part of all.


Gia's Spot said...

No prescribed meds? Then you did a great job! I only met them once but they seemed well adapted, healthy and nice kids! great job in this world!!

Bonnie said...

I hear ya Foose.

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