Monday, May 25, 2009

Girls day at Savers

Today is Memorial Day and the girls in our family decided to spend it shopping. Isn't that pretty much what has happened to all the Holidays?? I heard somewhere they are trying to get stores open on Thanksgiving because the Black Friday sales aren't enough? Like if they open that 1 day that you should be with your family someone might make an extra buck from you. Enough of me on my soap box.
We took 2 cars because there are so many of us and we even ran into the rest of the girls in our family at the store when we got there.
A bit of Foose History-I lived in Worcester for like 8 years and we didn't have a lot of money so we learned the fine art of Thrift Shops. Now as an adult I still use Thrift store to extend by buck. Well today we took a road trip to the new Savers in Plymouth as they were having a 50% off everything in the store. I needed some clothes for my ever growing butt and Olivia is basically naked for Summer clothes. The store was packed!!! I have never seen anything like it, except maybe Christmas. I am definitely not the only one trying to save a buck.
My cart cost about $44 and I left with 6 shirts, 6 shorts and 2 skirts for Olivia- a shirt and shorts for Dad-4 pairs of Capri pants, 1 pair of shorts and 2 shirts for myself, Oh and don't forget 3 puzzles for Ava. This is unheard of in a regular store. I know it is not every ones cup of tea to purchase used clothes but you need to spend some time and look things over well. I did get a couple of things with tags still attached and a lot of name brand-Most items I got were Gap, Children's Place or Limited Too.
After all that shopping we were famished and Ava was getting cranked up so we retired to Bugaboo Creek and had some lunch and looked at all the road kill on the walls. The kids loved it but were completely restless. I dream of the day when meals in restaurants aren't like a wrestling match.
We sent tired Ava home with Nana and Olivia and I did some shopping for her birthday party. Pinata and accessories-WOOT! She will be 6 on the 6th!!


Arkansas Patti said...

Great job at the thrift store. I shopped them before it was fashionable.
There was one in Florida that had Palm Beach left overs, some still with tags. A $500 blouse for 5 bucks was not uncommon.
It was the hunt for treasures that made it fun.

bonnie said...

im going next time.

Por2gee said...

Savers?! In Plymouth?! That place is boss!! I;ve been to the one in New Bedford, where is it in Plymouth? I love digging for treasure! The only thing that skeeved me out was the one in New Bedford sold used under pants .... ick

Nana said...

You forgot to mention, Ava had no bubbie. i should get the Nana of the year award, Love, Mom

Nana said...

You forgot to mention Ava had no bubbie, I shpuld get Nan of the Year Award, Great day with all my girls, Love, Mom

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