Friday, March 20, 2009

Fatcat-My Love

Ok so the first one is an awful picture but it shows you how he spends about 23 hours a day. I have had this cat for a million years. My husband knows he is my first love and he will be kicked to the curb for Fatcat in a second-He came first.
I took him to the Vet today and was told he needs a diet. A Diet??? He is 100 years old and has been fat his whole life. I mean his name is Fatcat. I forgot to ask how much he weighs but it is in the ballpark of 18lbs. The tech under her breathe says he is bigger than the terrier they just saw. Come on people be nice-he can hear you!
One of the first visits to the Vet I pointed out these big tumor things under his belly and was promptly told they were fat pockets not tumors and he was going to be a big cat. He has followed that lead beautifully. He is very much like Garfield and would probably eat lasagna if we gave it to him. He is grouchy as well but we love him. Ava sometimes too much. He runs from her in great fear now.
So I am attempting to rummage through my brain and my records to find out how old he really is. Watch for postings of the scratches I will be getting in my sleep now that he is only allowed 1/4 cup of food twice a day. I expect him to be chewing on the kids leg soon.
I mean wouldn't you prefer to live your last days fat and happy?? I would.


Bonnie said...

Poor Fatty. He's an old man. Let him eat lasagna. Life is too short.
Thanks for the weekly therapy session the other night. That's what I've decided our visits See ya next week!

Perplexed said...

Give him whatever he wants. I had a Brittney Spaniel that ate Pizza and twinkies. I swear thats why he lived so long.

Barry said...

My fat cat became an insulin dependent diabetic. I'd much rather have rationed his food then shot him full of insulin twice a day until his kidneys failed. I miss him.

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