Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Festivities

Today we got on the road early and hit breakfast at the Morse Pond School. It is always fun. They serve breakfast, have a terrific raffle and do face painting. This year even Wally from the Red Sox was there.

Next we went to the Congregational Church on the village green for their annual Holiday Bazaar and I was able to get a few Christmas presents and the kids made their own Christmas cards.

We went home and made some lunch and took a nap because we had big plans for the evening.

At 7pm the Village Green gets lit and we stand in the dark with tons of other people from town and count it down until a switch is flipped and it all comes to life. It is one of my favorite traditions. The only complaint I have is this year they allowed some folks to walk around selling lights and crappy circus swords. All the fun for me is the anticipation in the dark of when it will come on but this year there were kids all over the place with light up butterflies and swords. It kind of cheaped it out for me. My kids were not too happy when I proceeded to tell them that we were NOT buying that crap.

The rain let up just before we got there and it was warm enough to take off our gloves. Unfortunately a potty trip shortened our time there but we always go back on a quiet night and take pictures of the kids in front of the fake carollers and angels.


Barry said...

This was my first Green Lighting. I was none-the-wiser about the glow stick thingies, but now that you mention it they were quite annoying. I think Mrs G was even struck in the leg by one of them. Little creep! ;) Had a nice time.

Perplexed said...

Looked like fun, wish we went. Maybe next year.

Gia's Spot said...

Jenn, someday your girls are gonna see all these posts and realize what a fabulous childhood you gave them!!And see all the time you spent with them even though you worked full time! Wow you are impressive!!

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