Sunday, November 16, 2008

Want an update on my crappy life??

Today a volunteer from the Boxer Buddies came to my house to meet Caleb. They will soon find him a foster home and post him on their website. He will hopefully be better matched with someone that has the energy for him. I do not.

While he is meeting her dog(she brought 2 - a male and female)they first play a bit then go ape shit and start to fight. We separated them and when they approached each other again he takes off and screws my finger up while ripping his leash out of my hand.

It is now a swollen blue sausage and hurts like a mother! Thanks.

She then tries with the female and the same love fest happens with spit and dogs hair flying. I am worried this isn't going to be good. She says no problem and puts her dog back in the car. I am kind of thinking bringing another dog into his yard wasn't cool with him and he was a bit pissed.

Anyway I am icing my finger and explaining to my 5 year old how he needs a new home, blah,blah,sob, blah.....

Next I am meeting with Housing Assistance Corp on Tuesday to bare my soul and checkbook in an effort to keep my house. I don't know what can be done but I am up for any and all options. We are currently NOT for sale but it may come back to that if we can't find relief.

I need a sugar daddy!


chellamac said...

you and me both.

Barry said...

It's the raw diet. He has the taste of blood.

Okay, so I just HAD to say that for comedic purposes...

I'm guessing she should not have brought the dogs to 'his' house. I had no problems with Bella and Logan. Of course, they met previously on neutral ground. Once she was here she bitch slapped him a few times when he was being obnoxious, but it's all good.

I suggest Arnica cream for the finger, though it may be too late for that now.

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