Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This + This = Smoke detectors

In New England it is a beautiful but Fall day so I decide to save some oil and start a fire in the wood stove. Shortly after I notice a smell but I chalk it up to the cardboard I threw in and think it may have had a piece of plastic on it.
Oh No.....
The devil above has put some type of plastic item in the vent of the stove and it is now melted and smoking. The stove has an electric fan that kicks on when it reaches a certain temperature so now the smoke and smell is pumped all thru the house-GREAT-and smoke detectors are going off. I had to use a fireplace tool to scrape out some mystery blue goo melted inside the vent.
Good Morning!
Now I have all the upstairs windows open to air it out and to enjoy the chilly Fall day. So much for a toasty fire.
2 words people - birth control!!


Gia's Spot said...

Thanks Jenn! ROFLMAO I was a bit meloncholy this morning now I am back to normal after laughing at this!! Not laughing cause you had a smoke alarm alert and melted plastic and icky smoke.... um ok yeah I was!! Thanks!! ;}

Barry said...

How annoying. Not that it would make you feel any better, but I about ripped my arm off trying to get the F*&$ing chainsaw started today. I almost bought a new one this morning, too but just HAD to save the money and chose to maintain the one I have. A$$.
Needless to say the dead tree I wanted to cut down is still standing there taunting me.

beth said...


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