Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I may need a bigger Berry Bag-Update

As an addition this occured today at the bus stop. Not after sugar but after crap ass carb snack of Cheetos. I have an appointment with my doctor next week. I think she may write a prescription for a smack in the back of the head.

It is becoming more apparent that I need to carry more baggage and it isn't for the kids. I now have one of these with me most of the time and glucose tabs to treat the low blood sugar I am getting. I know that I am the root cause of my own problems but I am a bit concerned about how fast the low blood sugars are coming on.

Yesterday I ate fairly well but was hungry late into the shift so I wandered out to the dreaded vending machine where no good can happen. I wanted a salty item but that row is broken- UGH! I choose of all things Pop Tarts-why I thought these were going to be a good choice I don't know. I am eating them with no ill effects because I can eat a certain amount of sugar after my bypass. Normally I just get a bit sweaty and then I feel tired which passes pretty quickly. But this time after a while I start to feel like I can barely keep my eyes open and I chalk that up to the fact that Olivia has shared her cold with me. During this I also am feeling hungry again and I know the Pop tarts were junk so I am now digging in my file drawer for a protein bar or something better when I start to feel off. In the few seconds it takes me to get back in my chair and get out my test kit I start sweating. My partner asks me if I am Ok and all I can think is " I am sweating" Kind of like- What the hell??

I poke myself and test at 47.

Then the shaking starts. I eat an Atkins bar and then find my glucose tabs and eat 2. I am getting more freaked out and see that the Atkins bar has very little sugar but the tabs should do the trick shortly. In 12 minutes I test again and am at 114 and that is OK but I still feel bizarre. I don't know how to explain it. I am still too shaky to write with my pen and I feel sort of weak in the knees. My brain is racing but I am having trouble completing my thoughts. I am also thinking this is taking way too long for me to get better. The sugar says 114 but I still feel " all jacked up".

What if I was at work alone or worse alone with the kids?

When I got home Mr Fooseberry and I stayed up way too late and decided I will make an appointment with my regular Doctor as I am not too thrilled with the response I got from my surgeon and I just want some solid info on what the hell I should be doing to take care of myself when it does happen.

We also talked about the possibility of a medical bracelet. I am thinking I spend alot of time alone with a gaggle of kids - none of which are old enough to drive me home when I sneak in a Charlie's Cupcake.

So now I need an extra large Berry Bag to hold the wallet, camera, test kit, glucose tabs and a bubby of course.


Perplexed said...

No sneaking charlies Cupcakes -
I know easier said than done.
You need to take care of yourself!!!

Barry said...

I'll be happy to take care of the prescription.......

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