Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blog List

I got rid of the Blog List - it was too wordy. Funny coming from me- I am usually too wordy.
I like the cleaner look of the regular list. So visit some of the places I visit.

An eye update. The doctor says it seems to be an inflammation of my eye and I need to use steroid drops 4x a day. They kind of sizzle and foam up- Pleasant here at work. It is equal to dropping some peroxide on a cut but in my eye- Fabulous.

Caleb is doing good. He is still barking at the cat under the bed and I am a little afraid of what will happen if he gets a hold of Fatcat. I hate to admit it but my money is on Fatcat. I just don't want it to happen in front of the kids. I carried Fatcat to the basement for some rest in the cool air yesterday. He snoozed in the laundry but when I came home he was back under the bed. He came up on my bed last night so he must know that Caleb is in the kennel in the kitchen and he is safe.
I am also leery about this dog. It is almost going too well. He is good with the kids and not much of a snack dog. He walked over some split Doritos numerous times. He does like some of Olivia's stuffed animals so we are going to have to get him some toys. He gives them back with out a fight and I have walked up and taken some out of his mouth but he does enjoy throwing them around and rolling around with them before he gets caught. Pretty cute.
He also likes diapers- Ava Flava the stripper took her diaper off in the back yard. She was only wearing a long T shirt so I didn't notice until I picked her up and all I had in my hand was raw meat. Anyway I go searching for this diaper and he is tossing it around and playing with it in the backyard. Gross!!
I may be wrong but I think the smell thing has got to do with the Balls. They have to go. I think his hormones may get him into some trouble. Good news is he is not going into the litter box-Yet!

So share your thoughts on cat/dog love and diaper love if you have any.


Perplexed said...

Absolutely, clip him. (sorry guys)
Now its diapers, next its the nose in the crotch.
(Just wanting to say hello)

bonnie said...

OH ya...he needs a snip. He'll start humping everything in site if you, it'll keep him mello. I mean look at Rufus and how mello he is...imagine if he still had his jewels???
Rufus is into diapers too... fortunately my answer was simply to get a taller diaper pail, you might have to squirt some bleach on a few diapers and let him get a snoot full. That might deter him. Good luck, cant wait to meet him!!!

Barry said...

I'm with you, Perp. Lop them off!

On the humping issue.... wow, that sounds bad.... In defense of the males (yeah, now and then I defend them), in my experience with dogs it does not matter if they're altered or not. And, I have seen many females doing the same thing, especially to other dogs. I think it's a dominance thing.

Diapers, dirty clothes, socks, trash... as you know all are dangerous and very expensive. Most surgeries are on the order of $3000.00+ to get that stuff out of the gut.

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