Friday, May 9, 2008


*****Many F-bombs to follow so leave now if easily offended********

I am in a full blown bitch session and it is only 10am.
My day started with my oldest -" Mom, wake up I can't find any clothes." and that repeated until I pried my eyes open. See in our house clothes are in the drawer for a very short time. If you are looking for something it is likely in the wash or sitting in a clean basket folded. Hey that is the best I can do.
She then proceeds to be a bitch because I won't let her go to school looking like a freak in mis-matched Hannah Montana clothes.
Downstairs we go to argue over breakfast and not spilling it all over herself and the floor.
She finally leaves on the bus in a huff-Thank God.
I keep my scale in the kitchen. I pee and weigh first thing in the morning. Not every morning but in the last week or so-Yes. I know I don't want to hear about the daily weigh-I have heard it all before.
Anyway it say 179-FUCK!!!
I can list the bad things in like 1 line for the whole week. Couple of hostess donuts, 1 package of PB cups, ect.
Anyway I have been walking and otherwise active so UP. I fucking give up.
I loaded Ava Flava in the stroller and we hit the road. I alternated walk/jog for 20 minutes and felt like a pile of shit so quit. I then just became angry and agitated so I walked and walked. I don't know the distance but it was 1hr and my back, legs and arms all hurt.
I also tried to figure it out. Being a chick sucks as all I can think is water weight. I have had a crazy week with a midnight shift and other things to do so I have eaten multiple Kashi or other frozen meals in stead of home cooked meals.
Could I be holding 4lbs of water??
I am currently drinking my first 16oz of water and I plan on protein shakes for as long as I can last. I am one of the few people that has a magic bullet blender that works and it will be my friend for the next few days. Also GALLONS of water. I just don't know what else to do. I am going to cook some today with fresh food and freeze my own to get off the frozen meals.
Quickly I went back to The Daily Plate and for the last 2 days I have have 2200 and 3400mg of sodium. Hmmm......
Am I making excuses-I don't know but I am sick of it.
Also 8600 steps and it is 10am.
Today for the rest of the day I plan on drinking and peeing.


Barry said...

Any chance you're drinking/eating more stuff with artificial sweeteners (aspartame) in it? The more I read about it the more I see that it actually causes weight gain. I mean, I put "aspartame and weight gain" in "The Google" and get a lot of hits. Not to mention all the other nasty side affects.

Joe Cat said...

Barry - excellent point about aspartame. Keep in mind, studies about Aspartame were actually using aspartate (Aspartic Acid), an amino-acid, debated to be linked to cancer. Aspartame is also allegedly linked to cancer but there is no "solid evidence" on the books (yet).

Jen - My honest opinion to you, is to throw away your scale. Don't judge yourself by weight, judge yourself by the way you feel. Both physically and mentally. You've come a long way, you work hard at yourself, and you look damn good.

If that doesn't satisfy you, my only other suggestions would be to start researching the ingredients within your products, and MAYBE cut back on water.

People can have any argument they want about how "This does this", or alternately, "That does that". (Or even "This does that, and that does this)... but in my opinion, I think that everything acts and reacts to each person differently.

For instance, Creatine. Creatine is an organic acid that natural in vertebrates and supplies energy to muscle tissue and nerve cells. Creatine essentially helps repair muscle tissue after you tear it during a workout. My Father (and other gym rats) find that while steadily taking a Creatine supplement post-workout, it contributes to the burning of fat. For me, (and other unlucky Gym go-ers) Creatine does the job of enhanced muscle repair, but additionally adds (at least) 5-10 lbs. of water-weight.

I would stay away from soda, any and all sweets, basically anything that contains "High Fructose Corn Syrup". (I stay away from Fructose completely, but it's argued you do not have to as Crystalline fructose and high-fructose corn syrup are 100% fructose. Fructose (by itself) is composed of nearly equal amounts of fructose and glucose (which is an 'important carbohydrate').

As far as water itself goes, I'm from the school that you can never (reasonably) have too much water. If you're thirsty.. drink, and more importantly, ONLY drink water. It's healthy. I try to have one glass of juice in the morning, and one glass of milk in the afternoon for essential nutrients, vitamins, etc.; but other than that, I really don't cheat.

Barry said...

Good stuff, Joe.

I know personally of two cases where artificial sweeteners had caused symptoms (which were misdiagnoses by doctors) of Lupus and joint problems as rheumatoid arthritis. Once completely eliminated, the ailments went away to the amazement of the "doctors".

chellamac said...

I woke up exhausted after 10 hours of sleep again. Buy a liter water bottle, I've had 5 full bottles today. We need to wog this weekend!

(PS-Redbull does not count as water)

Bonnie said...

I've held 6lb's of water before...I king it an be know how maddening it can be when you expect to loose and you gain.... If I hadn't gotten so frusterated by that on so many occasions I might be smaller today. Don't let it get ya.

henri915 said...

Let's not forget that you DON'T weigh over 300 lbs anymore..

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